Zen Garden Decorating Ideas

Zen Garden Decorating Ideas – One of the styles most commonly used in recent years for the garden is Feng Shui. Let us remember that the garden is an extension of one’s home, that is why it is very important that we can turn it into a comfortable place where peace.

Roads and malls that lead to the garden must be free, let the plants to overflow in order to decrease the movement of Chi, the paths should be kept clean and without any kind of obstacles so that non-diversion of the flow of energy.

These gardens have a significant number of species of flowers, trees and shrubs healthy, carefully trimmed and balanced so that they can enjoy the garden elements. They can be placed strategically ponds, fountains and small streams that will bring a touch of aesthetic and a relaxed style that is highly valued in this type of garden.

It is very important to maintain a balance between the Yin and the Yang, combining, for example, foliage beware of rocks of different shapes, colors and textures. It varies the materials in order to balance the five elements.

The furniture that we use (chairs, hammocks, parasols, tables) must have its rounded, with natural materials such as wood.

Lighting in Feng Shui Gardens must be very careful. It has to be subtle and soft. Thanks to it the ideal atmosphere in the Garden may be obtained. Candles and lanterns on the table are a good choice for illuminating this environment, as well as the suspended lights.

In this article we will continue talking about the main features and elements that form a dry garden or Zen. In the first part we referred to the importance of the use of sand and the way in which it should be placed. Also talk about the amount of space you need if you want to have one of these gardens, which have marked trend in recent times. Today we will start talking about the use of the stones.

The way in which you are going to place the stones is something completely personal, experts advise taking into account some guidelines, as keeping the symmetrical form and odd number, preferably 3. In addition to placing them dipped slightly in the sand, so a proper visual impact will be.

The forms that we will be giving to sand with the rake will be which give us the image of fluidity of the garden and which will represent the fluidity of our lives. You can do straight lines and curved, long and shorter. Curves and long will be responsible to represent the stages of agitation while the lines represent moments of calm. Rake in the sand must be passed in each meditation, helping us see, think, one of the great advantages that bring us this kind of garden.

In dry gardens also small plants can be placed, among the most used are magnolias, azaleas, ferns and mosses. Another good option is the bamboo and small bonsai. Many experts in the field include water fountains, ponds, streams and even small waterfalls, all must occupy a space small and well distributed.

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